Monday, November 30, 2009

I heard your voice today.

I heard your voice this morning when I awoke. Birdsong! You made it sound like spring time! It’s cold outside, but that didn’t stop you from greeting me. I’m so thankful I heard you.

You spoke to me again as I was walking to work. You approached me and wanted to discuss the latest [fill in the blank.] I smiled and listened. I finally ended our conversation with, “Well, there are more important things to worry about.” You said, “Yes, you’re right” and we went our separate ways. Did you just need to vent, I wondered? I’m glad I was able to listen.

I heard your voice in the fullness of the day. There were times when your voice sounded weary. Mostly, you sounded gentle and kind. I wondered, was I only half-listening?

I saw you as I was leaving work today. You were a little girl holding your mother’s hand and joyfully going down the street. You heard me close the door and you turned around and said in a loud voice, “Hello!” It was as if you wanted to make sure I heard you. I said hello back. I thought your voice sounded beautiful.

I heard you this evening in the voice of an old friend. I was sorry I hadn’t listened more.

Thank you for speaking to me through those around me today. I continue to listen for your voice and watch for your presence.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I saw you twice today.

I saw you as a new visitor today. Sitting alone, but enthusiastic about being in church. You smiled at me as I walked past, and I stopped and greeted you. You told me you were "thinking about joining the choir." I said, "Wonderful! Tell me your name." You replied, "+" and I said, "Welcome!"

Later as I was returning to my pew, I saw you sitting in the back. I recognized you at once and I smiled and waved to you. You waved back. After the service you came up to me inquiring about some children's Advent material at the back of the church. I explained that you would need the small booklet with the stickers as well. I was thankful to see "++" again, as I hadn't seen him in a while. "++" is very special. Sometimes "++" likes to sit with me in church. I show him the bulletin and what page we are on. "++" doesn't say much, but whenever the hymns are being sung, "++" sings loud and with pride!

Both of these gentle-men are what folks call "mentally challenged." Today, I have seen them as the Face of Christ and I am the one who is blessed.

When did I see YOU?

Today, I was inspired to start a "blog" about seeing Christ. Because today is the First Sunday of Advent, I wonder that my watching for Christ is taking on new meaning. My intention is to recognize Christ every day and write about seeing Him. When I see Christ, the person, I will refer to that person as “+”. I not only look for Christ in human form, but also in the form of God’s creation.

May all of us be open to looking for and seeing Christ in our every day lives.

A Blessed Advent journey to all!

Note: The photo displayed on this blog is courtesy of Nikki Boyer. I chose it because it reminded me of the game of "peek-a-boo". You may view her artwork at