Friday, April 9, 2010

Romans 12:5

I've been reflecting on this all day... "so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."

What I've discovered through this reflection is that it is a great tool to use every day. I have found it a relief that when I don't agree with my neighbor, it's okay because WE are of the same Body; the Body of Christ. I can no longer get away with saying, "It's not my job!" because if it affects someone else, it does affect me and the way I live my (hopefully) Christ-centered life. This new "attitude" is a loving experience that is teaching me a deeper, more enriching meaning of "cooperation".

But no, this is NOT just a tool that I will use every day, but a BELIEF that this IS part of my very DNA and I must live it to the fullest. Christ is the HEAD of a Great Body and we are ALL members of it. I mean members in a physical sense, not just as a collective group of believers. If I remember that I cannot do certain things with my own body without the other parts of it working at what they do best, then I can take this "belonging to the Body of Christ" to a new level. This means that if I don't "live" up to "my part" of the Body, then I am taking away energy (or spiritual encouragement) from the other parts. What happens to my neighbor is important and I honor that. YOU belong to that Body and I belong to that Body. We perform different functions, but we have a function to perform. WE are important together as members of the Body of Christ.

Being a "member" of the Body of Christ is more than being present in a community. It is a life-living promise that I will keep. If I don't, then I shall surely die.

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