Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday

I've never been up to have my feet washed. I know it's important, but I'm just not that brave. Tonight was no different.

Then, all of the blessed Sacraments were consumed. Then the altar was stripped bare. Then I was alone as I was when others were having their feet washed. I realized suddenly, that I didn't fully understand at all. I had denied the gift that Christ wanted me to have and it wasn't until the Sacraments were gone and the altar bared that I saw Christ leaving without having given me that tender gift. It was as if I'd watched Christ walk away and I didn't bother to say goodbye. It was a sad moment and it was a moment I lost. I hope that I will be given the chance next year to receive that gift of tenderness.

For the next three days, THE most Holy Days, I will be with my Sisters at CSJB. To anyone who may read these words, I pray you have an enriching Triduum and a very blessed Easter Victory!

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