Thursday, March 18, 2010

That it may please thee to visit the lonely

That it may please thee to visit the lonely; to strengthen all who suffer in mind, body, and spirit; and to comfort with thy presence those who are failing and infirm, We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

"I'm not that old", I tell myself as I inch closer to 60 every year. My body, mind and spirit sure feel like it though! My health is going down the tubes fast and my brain doesn't seem to have the ability to hold information like it once did. None of these things are serious, just annoying. I find myself thinking, "why do I have these stupid health annoyances" and I stop myself and rethink that statement saying, "Thank God I have I have these stupid health annoyances and not something more serious!"

It's my fault partly. I took a vow to be obedient to God. That vow of obedience also includes caring for the body, mind and spirit that God gave to me. How can I do the work that God has set for me to do if I am careless with my health? If I care so little about taking care of myself, how can I care for those God has placed before me?

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